Film & Media Production

We produce educational media that explore freshwater ecosystems and the people who work to understand and conserve them. Our films, videos, and web/social media feature aquatic natural history, science, conservation issues, and cultural values surrounding freshwaters. These illustrative programs aim to enlighten diverse audiences about the life, science, and imperilment of freshwater ecosystems and connect cultural values for freshwater ecosystems with ecosystem and biodiversity values.

We look for under-represented freshwater stories and species, and generally work in partnership with conservation organizations, educational institutions, and resource management agencies. 

We always welcome collaborative possibilities, story suggestions, natural history opportunities, and we occasionally work for hire. Contact us with inquiries.

Feature films

RiverWebs - PBS and classroom versions, 2008-12

The Lost Fish / Preview

Hidden Rivers (in-production) / Preview

Willamette Futures (in-production)

Freshwater Futures (in-production) / Preview

Short Films & Social Media

Water Life series

Hanging On: the Plight of Pacific Lamprey

Vimeo Channel


Oregon Field Guide


Pacific Lamprey

Ditch Fish


Streambank Interview